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Real estate is a strategic way to expand your investment portfolio. It has the primary benefit of being a tangible asset that can be sold at once or leased over a period of time, which makes it a consistent revenue stream for you and/or your business. 

When most people start to dip their toes in such investment alternatives, they begin with single-family homes or go straight to looking at commercial spaces. However, apartment buildings are a great option for some people and there are many ways to start investing in them.

Architect Interior Design Bali

Apartment Architecture Design Bali

Are you looking to work with architects who understand your lifestyle needs to design your unique apartment? 

Satya Puri Studio can assist you in creating luxurious, stylish and desirable apartments in Bali. Following our passion, we have been working in this field for over 30 years in various locations of the world and have had the immense pleasure of bringing to life different projects, such as private homes, villas, offices and restaurants. Fulfilling any objective, we bring a wealth of experience in high-end designs while still creating functional and beautiful properties for private owners, developers and investors.

By using our comprehensive design and renovation service you will obtain a property that is well and above your desires and expectations.

If you like to have a Modern Mediterranean apartment with a tropical feel or an apartment with a mixture of Balinese and contemporary European features, we will take care of them to each and every detail. We can help you locate, then buy or lease the land in Bali for your property and can assist with all legal requirements. We guarantee our clients custom furniture made by the best local materials, allowing us to support the local economy and stay environmentally friendly.

If you are thinking of investing in a new Apartment or considering renovating or remodeling an existing apartment, contact us and we can help you realize its full potential.


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